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Click on any of the questions below to reveal more information. 

Click on any of the questions below to reveal more information. 

What is a Rollerball pen?

Rollerball pens are writing instruments which use ball point writing mechanisms with gelled ink, as opposed to the oil-based viscous inks found in ballpoint pens. These less viscous inks tend to saturate more deeply and widely into paper to give rollerball pens their distinctive writing qualities.

What is a Ballpoint pen?

A ballpoint pen has an internal chamber filled with a viscous ink that is dispensed at tip by the rolling action of a small metal sphere. Ballpoints lack the free flowing supply of ink such as rollerball or fountain pens and requiring the writer to apply more pressure to the page. As a result, the ballpoint pens are less likely to leak.

Does my fountain pen need to be refilled from an ink bottle?

Autograph fountain pens are supplied with a piston cylinder that is design for use with an ink bottle. The piston cylinder can be removed (pulled out) to insert cartridge refills available from most quality stationary retailers.

Where can I buy refills?

Refills can be purchased from the original retailer or most quality stationary shops.  Ballpoint pen refills are Parker or Cross style while rollerball pens use a similar refill to ‘Montblanc’.

Can the pen be engraved?

All Autograph and iScribe pens can be engraved by quality engravers.  The base metal will be either brass or aluminium and consequently show gold or silver when engraved.  Please check with your retailer to confirm the details for your model.